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For many years, I’ve been traveling the country telling the stories, in words and pictures, of the places you grew up with — the mom-and-pop diners, corner candy stores, the burger stands and ice cream parlors.

That’s me, on the nostalgia travel beat!

And I love fast food — and the more retro the better. If you’re wondering where the old McDonald’s, Taco Bells and Pizza Huts from your youth are, I’m your guy!

Neil Patrick Harris’ “Wondercade” newsletter recently profiled me, and described my work this way:

The Retrologist is one of my favorite things on the internet right now: journalist / photographer / chronicler Rolando Pujol shares the same appreciation for antiquity that I do. Every post is a tribute to the iconic roadside architecture and signage that dot the U.S., beautifully photographed and written with deeply insightful, loving details. Rolando documents a disappearing Americana, and I’m so glad he does.”

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